fic: a slight shift of perspective (1/1)


Ok, so ages ago - I can’t even remember when or why - I think I had a talk with people on here about writing a sort of AU wherein Rose was an escort prior to meeting the Doctor. Possibly to do with that question at a convention from someone which touched on the subject (presumably to do with Billie’s back-then new role in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.) David, I think, answered that he’d take her as he found her, (meaning he wouldn’t judge that sort of thing) and Billie had to explain to him the double entendre in his sentence ;) Anyway! Here is a fic. 

Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose; Rose Tyler’s secret occupation is revealed to the Doctor, the man she just met during an almost-alien invasion, moments after he gives her the offer of a lifetime. 8,600, oneshot.

Rose met the man quite by chance, just as she was walking alongside the entrance to the department store she often shopped in. He was striding towards the building intently, even though it had just closed for the night, and she felt compelled to let him know this.

His shoulders shrugged inside a battered leather jacket. “Go anywhere I want, me.”

"But you can’t - it’s closed - my mate works in there and they’ve all left for the evening."

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King Baby says No


King Baby says No



"I’ve met a lot of my closest friends after I turned 30, and Rashida’s certainly one of them. It’s so nice to be able to find a like-minded person who you really admire. And who’s your homie." - Amy Poehler x

“She’s just so cool. Like beyond being funny, she’s just like honestly the coolest person I know… We’re really good friends and we have this little support system. We’re like chosen sisters… Amy and I were best friends for a long time before the show. So we get to go to work together every day and we hang out on the weekends. Like we actually do talk and text each other all the time.” - Rashida Jones x

“Aubrey always makes surprising choices. She took the character of April and made her this multi-dimensional person. Scary and soft. And always hilarious. Unlike April, she is really open and light and a secret goofball. Plus, she’s part witch, so she can turn you into dust. Watch what you say about her.” - Amy Poehler x

“[Amy]’s already kind of my girlfriend, and I’m not saying that in a jokey way. We had a moment last year, late at night, when we decided we were gonna end up together. For now, we have to let boys come and go, but we’re kind of in love.” - Aubrey Plaza x

Well, that escalated quickly.

Well, that escalated quickly.


This is what I got in response to PRETEND THE HULK IS GRABBING YOU!

I think they’re holding hands???

Fic Tennis Round 22 - Ninth Doctor/Rose Tattoo Shop AU - 3/?


It’s part three of this round of fic tennis! To skip out, savior “fic tennis,” to catch up: Part 1 + Part 2.


There’s a woman with a smoky, timeless voice crooning out a smoldering rendition of ‘It Had to Be You’ when he finally deigns to acknowledge the fact that there’s karaoke going on at all. 

He’d been completely avoiding it up until that point, talking about everything but the people standing only a few yards away, singing their little hearts out. 

She thought she’d had him a little earlier, when she’d sung along with the bloke doing ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick,’ but he’d only grinned for a second, and then changed the subject to the weather. 

Now though, he’s watching the woman with rapt attention, slowly swaying his head along to the music with a dorky (endearing) little smile on his face.

“Dare you to sing,” she says, pitching her voice low and slow to match the song.

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