The inimitable cappyrogers tagged me in the thing where you’re supposed to post six pictures of yourself, and I did it, but threw it in my drafts and forgot about it, so here it is.

I did slightly older ones (i.e. pre-kids) because that’s what I did and I’m the captain of this boat. 

1. I used to be all right at beer pong!

2. Once I dressed as Bret from Flight of the Conchords for a party and then got drunk and peeled my beard off! 

3. Al proposed at the American Museum of Natural History (my favorite museum) in front of the dinosaurs (my favorite exhibit). Or, more specifically, a dinosaur called an Allosaurus.

4. Once I went as Max for Halloween and Al went as Link.

5. Once, when I was first starting my journalism career, and I was a young, naive little baby reporter, this Santa made me do the end of my Christmas story interview sitting on his lap. A photog took this picture and then printed several and put them all over the newsroom. Like, everywhere.

6. Once, later in my journalism career, I did a day-long ridealong with Jimmy Carter. We stopped at a Dairy Queen, and another photog took this for me. A few hours after this I was rushing out of the place we were because I had to file, and I wanted to thank him for his time, and, unthinkingly, I shouted “Jimmy!” instead of like, President Carter! Mr. Carter! Sir! Literally anything else! and several secret service members, who knew every single detail of my life because I had to be vetted before the interview turned to look at me, while President Jimmy Carter also turned, but just smiled and waved. 

Wait shit I forgot to tag people, stoprobbers thebadddestwolf lauraxxtennant uhhh who else do I know what they look like meaning they sometimes post pictures of themselves montypythonandtheholyblog cloysterbell ???? gallifreyburning but pictures of owls??? goldcaught ??? wait def cyclogenesis !!!!!!!!!!!!

"How do you sleep at night?"
"Who says I sleep?"

New Gracepoint Trailer

David Tennant -> Unseen Observer mag pic by Ellis Parrinder (x)
   ↳ “How do you work this bloody coat?”


David Tennant -> Unseen Observer mag pic by Ellis Parrinder (x)

   ↳ “How do you work this bloody coat?


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honestly… can’t stop won’t stop.

Dave Franco taking his profile picture for Tinder (x)


David Tennant [4 of 33]       ↳ a study in eye crinkles for weeping-who-girl


David Tennant [4 of 33]
       ↳ a study in eye crinkles for weeping-who-girl


David Tennant in L.A. Without a Map.