Tonight’s Top Story (newscaster au!)

(I got like four different asks about my tag on this post, but I sat down and it didn’t go anywhere, so here you go, Melissa + 3 anons! This is all I’ve got. Apparently I only write 400 words at a time now! I certainly have NO IDEA why!)

It’s three minutes to air and Jack’s still got his trousers off.

"I sit behind a desk! No one will even see!"

Donna pulls the pen from her clipboard, hurling it at him. The clipboard itself follows right behind it.

"Jack Harkness, you put your trousers on right now!”

Mickey winces from the control room, pressing the button for the overhead, “Donna, you know those outbursts are why we don’t mic you anymore, right?”

Donna’s muttering under her breath, something about professionalism and being the only producer in town who can’t get an in-ear to her team while Jack beams, thinking he’s won.

The overhead crackles back to life, Mickey’s voice filling the room again, “Jack, put your trousers on. Please. Or at least some boxers. Those briefs are really putting the little Captain on display.”

Jack rolls his hips, “Nothing little about the Captain!” but he struggles into his trousers anyway, securing the zipper with a parting shot.

"Your lead anchors are playing footsie under the desk, I should be the least of your worries!"

Donna growls at him, “And when they start doing it without their trousers, I’ll intervene.”

The Doctor’s just reaching for his belt, grinning wildly at Rose next to him, when the countdown to air starts. The red light blinks to life and the room goes still.

"It’s Ocular Health Day here on the Nightly News and we’re live from London. I’m the Doctor, alongside me is Rose Tyler, looking fetching as ever in her brainy specs. Tonight we’ll be exploring the concept of time travel. One local resident claims it is possible, and we’ll have that interview live this hour.”

By the time they’ve wrapped, Jack’s weaseled out of his trousers, and is vaulting over the desk to wrap Donna in a bear hug, “Great show everyone! Sports was a particular highlight, I expect my demonstration of proper stretching techniques kept more than a few lonely viewers company tonight.”

He saunters over to the craft services table where Rose is spreading jam on toast, “I’m available for private sessions, you know,” and he winks.

"Oi!" The Doctor’s toast is much more jam than bread and he gestures with the dirty knife at Jack.

Rose rolls her eyes, smearing jam on her finger and dabbing it first on Jack’s nose, then the Doctor’s. “I’m plenty limber on my own, boys, under 7’s gymnastics, I got the bronze.”

And she walks away, heels clicking on the tiles. Jack groans and the Doctor chases after her, “Rose, Rose! Why has this never come up before? Do you think we could try the thing with the leg and the — Rose?”

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